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    Qingdao Myjian Foodstuff Co., Ltd was founded in 2005, consists of two subsidiary companies, namely Qingdao Jinrongda Foods Co., Ltd. and Qingdao Free Trade Zone Jinrongda International Trade Co., Ltd. Kim Yong.

    Qingdao Myjian Foodstuff Co., Ltd is a sino-foreign joint venture company  which is holding by Chinese side, the company is located in the scenic West Jiaozhouwan Economic Zone, covering more than 30,000 square meters, the production capacity is 5,000 tons, Phase II projects is building, after completion the production capacity will be doubled. All of the production line was design and construction in accordance with the China's exports of food standards; scientific, Rigorous and pragmatic management philosophy,successfully passed the HACCP/BSCI/BRC/ISO9001/WCA five major system certif.ication.

    Myjian attaches importance to product innovation and development, the company's quality control and R & D staff is composition by the food, veterinary, nutrition and other professional talent, health care products and snacks be combined for the first time in the industry, and form a unique product system - function snacks (patent pending), allowing pets to enjoy happiness brings by delicious while promoting health. The company has more than 300 individual products currently, products related to chicken, duck, lamb, beef, seafood and can six categories, exported to Southeast Asia, Europe and America more than 50 countries and regions, good quality and reputation get professionals’ highly respected and evaluation at home and abroad.

    Myjian's marketing adopt dual-brand strategy, there are two brands "Myjian" and "O'dog" operating at the same time. "Myjian" brand mainly service for the domestic market, established sales network in more than 50 cities now. "O'dog" as Myjian's high-end brand, has been exported to more than 20 countries, and have good market performance in Southeast Asia and Korea.

    Myjian make quality, reputation, responsibility for the business of the enterprise, and willing to sincere cooperation with friends at home and abroad, mutual benefit, the great cause of plans.